Men are often seeking ways to visibly improve their appearance, treat skin conditions and enhance personal confidence. On the whole men and women are looking for the same thing from aesthetics treatments which is why all of our aesthetic treatments are available to both men and women. However, male clients often benefit from certain treatments including addressing fine lines and wrinkles with anti-ageing injections, combating hyperhidrosis, rejuvenating skin and treating acne with chemical skin peels or removing excess hair. There are a range of treatment options open to male clients.


Not all skin is the same and it is not surprising that men’s skin differs from women’s in several important ways:

  • Men have thicker skin than women due to higher levels of testosterone, therefore male skin is about 25% thicker, although it does gradually thin over time.

  • Men have a greater density of collagen in their skin.

  • Male facial muscles tend to be stronger than women's

  • Men’s skin is rougher and the outermost layer of the skin is thicker.

  • Due to higher levels of sebum production men’s skin tends to be oilier and more acne prone. 

  • Generally men’s skin tends to be naturally better hydrated than women’s.

We understand these physiological differences therefore we adapt your treatment according to your skin.

Please browse our range of treatments availble below or alternatively contact us for further information. 

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