Please browse our range facial treatments offering you a comprehensive range of services that ensures we are working professionally and ethically alongside your needs. 

All of our treatments are tailored specifically to client requirements and desires to produce visible results which provide new leases of confidence and satisfaction.

This electrical therapy otherwise known as a non-surgical face lift produces immediate skin toning and firming effects to treat the face and body. 

Treatment is offered as a as either a preventive measure against premature ageing or to re-educate and strengthen muscles. 

Micro-current therapy utilises a low-level electrical current that mirrors the bodies own natural electrical currents to stimulate cell metabolism to improve movement of materials into and out-of the cells.


Micro-dermabrasion is a non-surgical method of a mechanical exfoliation and skin rejuvenation that is applied to the the face and body for immediate and visible results to produce an even skin tone, address sun damage, treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and unclog pores.

As a facial treatment the face, neck and décolletage are treated to 

gently breaks down dead skin cells.


Dermal Fillers are a flexible and prominent anti-ageing injectable treatment that smooths and reduces fine lines and wrinkles producing immediate volumized, contoured and youthful results. 

These semi-permanent fillers provide safe, long-lasting and natural looking results. 

We offer a free initial consultation to decide on a treatment plan tailored to you. 

Dermaroller otherwise known as micro needling, is a skin rejuvenation treatment that stimulates a healing response within the skin, thus increasing cellular renewal and collagen and elastin production. This helps to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, plumping out fine lines and wrinkles and improving the appearance of marks, scars and stretch marks.   

Galvanic treatments are an electrical service which can be applied to both the face and body. During the treatment, therapeutic substances are introduced into the skin using dc to create specific effects upon the surface and underlying tissues. 

Galvanic skin treatments are used to tone muscles, promote blood circulation, increase cell metabolism and activate enzymes.

Electrolysis is used to permanently remove unwanted excess hair from both the face and body.

A fine needle is used to deliver an electrical current to destroy the hair follicle tissue, preventing the hair from regrowing. 

Facial electrolysis is used to treat the upper lip, chin, sides of the face, the hair line, the neck and eyebrows. 

High-frequency is a treatment which can be applied directly or indirectly to the skin of the face or body to stimulate, disinfect and heal the skin. 

A singular treatment increases blood and lymph circulation whilst simultaneously increasing metabolism within the applied area​.

For the greatest visible results a course of treatments is recommended. 

Anti-Ageing Injections

Anti-ageing injectables more commonly regarded as Botox® is an anti-wrinkle injection treatment that is commonly used to treat all areas of the face to combat both fine lines and deep wrinkles. 

As we age, the face naturally loses collagen and elasticity causing the skin to look less refined as it once did. 

Botulinum Toxin injections are ideal if you are over 45 years old and are looking to retain a less tired, and more defined youthful appearance without wanting to resort to a surgical face-lift procedure.

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Milia are a collection of visible tiny white spots otherwise regarded as milk spots. They most frequently occur in young babies, though they commonly permanently arise in adults, which many people would prefer to have removed.  Milia are tiny cysts that are located immediately below the epidermis, the very outer layer of skin, making their distinctive colouring so visible. The white comes from an excess build-up of keratin. 

We can easily diagnose whether you have milia and decide during your consultation on a course of action. 

Lip fillers are ideal for enhancing volume in lips which may be lacking in shape or elasticity, and are used to create a natural but bold appearance. Lip fillers are semi-permanent, manmade and vegan which take effect by mimicking the body’s natural hyaluronic acid, providing safe, long-lasting and natural looking results. 

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Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty

Radio-frequency tightens and smoothes the skin, promoting production of new collagen in facial treatments, and aiding in the reduction of cellulite in body treatments.

Radio-frequency treatment heats the dermis layer of the skin to stimulate new collagen production and shrink collagen fibres by up to one third. This minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles resulting in skin tightening. 

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