Prescription Facials

Sometimes our skin does not look as bright, hydrated or youthful as it normally does. Though this may be a side effect of our busy lives causing us to neglect our skin, something which we are all guilty of, we can easily provide a little extra care to revive, hydrate or correct common skin concerns with our range of prescription facials.

Everybody is unique and their skin type, tone, condition and needs are just as varying which is why prescription facials are tailored to your skin. During this treatment we use products to specifically target your skin needs and achieve your aspirations to result in a revitalised, youthful, smoother appearance

Our passion is your skin, we understand how when your skin is not visibly at its greatest you may be left feeling a little self-conscious. It is inspiring to witness the change in a client's confidence following their skin treatment.

Prescription facials contain active ingredients that penetrate the skin to calm, correct and clear a range of concerns such as acne, congested skin, fine lines and dull skin. 

What to expect

All prescription facials are preceded by an intial consultation to formulate a facial plan that is tailored to your skin. During this consulation, you can discuss any concerns or aspirations to help us identify the acceptable treatment for you.

The procedure of prescription facials, though all are unique,  largley begin in the same way whereby your skin is cleansed and all make-up removed. 
There is no downtime associated with prescription facials allowing you to return to your daily activities immediately. 
Prescriptions facials are highly relaxing and resotrative, the active ingredients present in prescription facials creates noticeable results after a single treatment. For optimal results, we highly recommend a course of facials, though treatment intervals are dependent upon the type of prescription facial and the skin concern treated. 

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