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Electrolysis is used to permanently remove unwanted superfluous hair. Unwanted hair can be removed from both the face and body. Electrolysis consists of three types of services; diathermy, galvanic and blend. A fine needle is used to deliver an electrical current to the hair follicle to destroy the hair and this eventually destroys hair follicle tissue, preventing the hair from regrowing. Body electrolysis is used to treat the chest/breast, back, bikini line, abdomen, arms, hands, legs, feet and underarm.  

During an initial consultation we will assess the skin condition and the hair growth of concern. A treatment plan will be identified for the client’s individual needs.

Treatment is often recommended every 7 – 14 days; though this will vary depending on the area and skin type.

Although this is classed as a permanent removal of hair, the result is achieved over a period of time. The hair cycle of growth involves three stages; the first of which is the ideal stage for the hair to be destroyed.

Whilst the hair is resting or breaking down the treatment is not as successful, which is why intervals between treatments are highly recommended.

Furthermore, the cycle of growth cannot be altered therefore a number of insertions will have to be repeated as the hair moves through the growing cycle, although, regular treatments will ensure that all of the hairs are all treated over a period of time.  It is imperative to consider skin sensitivity, therefore hair growth is often destroyed in stages ensuring the skin does not suffer any unnecessary trauma.

Can Cross-infection occur during Electrolysis and what does this mean?

This refers to the hygiene procedures performed during the electrolysis treatment. During every treatment new individually pre-packaged and pre-steralised needles are used for each client. During the electrolysis service gloves are worn during application to further uphold hygiene. It is important to understand that cross infection may arise as the result of the client ignoring the recommended aftercare procedure. Following an electrolysis treatment, touching the skin or applying perfume or make-up may cause infection in the follicle. It is important to follow your aftercare plan and if you have any queries or concerns following treatment do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you on an aftercare plan after your treatment to avoid any pain or discomfort. 

Does Electrolysis hurt?

Did you know 

Approximately 20 % of all hairs lie dormant below the skin's surface at any given time. Only hairs visible above the skin's surface are able to be treated.

At the next service, previously dormant hairs will be visible and may be treated though these will not be the same hairs that were removed in the previous service. 

It would be misleading to say that electrolysis is painless, however the sensation is minimal. As heat is created in the follicle, it will activate nerve endings. The main sensation is a second of heat when the current is applied. This has been described as a pinprick or a slight sting. 

The degree of feeling differs greatly from person to person, the only way to find out is to book a consultation and a patch test to find out how you tolerate the sensation. We pride ourselves on delivering an accurate, smooth insertion into the follicle which is necessary to obtain maximum effect in reducing the hair growth and minimising skin trauma and pain. 

Do not be alarmed with the term ‘needle’, these are supplied in measurements ranging between thousandths of an inch, therefore can only just be seen by the naked eye.

If you have any concerns or queries in regard to electrolysis treatment please do not hesitate to contact us or alternatively visit our FAQs page. If you would like information on our prices please click here

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