Milia Removal

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The most common type of milia removal is performed using a needle.  Following a skin cleansing, a sterile needle is then used to create a minute incision into the skin covering the cyst. The contents of the milia are then carefully extracted so as not to cause any trauma to the skin.

The best treatment for you will depend upon the type of milia you have as well as the location and number of milia that need removing. Following an initial consultation it may be suggested that you prepare your skin using a non-abrasive exfoliating cleanser in order to soften the skin that covers the milia, making it easier to remove and aiding in further milia prevention.

Milia removal is completely safe.

What are milia ?

Milia are a collection of visible tiny white spots otherwise regarded as milk spots. They most frequently occur in young babies, though they commonly permanently arise in adults, which many people would prefer to have removed.  Notably, they are often mistaken for whiteheads, which can cause ill-advised attempts to scratch or squeeze them.
In fact, milia are tiny cysts that are located immediately below the epidermis, the very outer layer of skin, making their distinctive colouring so visible. The white comes from an excess build-up of keratin, which is natural part of the skin, also found in nails and hair.


What are the prospective results ?


Following a treatment, most clients experience permeant milia removal, however, sometimes clients are naturally more inclined toward multiple cases of milia break outs. During the aftercare period, we advise you on an aftercare plan tailored specifically to your skin which will tackle future milia prevention through recommendation of certain skincare products.

There may be some slight redness to the treated area immediately following the milia removal procedure, however this subsides within a matter of hours and benefits of treatment can be noticed instantly.

Is milia removal painful ?

The removal of milia is virtually painless and there is no need to apply a numbing cream before the procedure. Most of our clients recount the procedure akin to that of a light scratch.

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