Chromatherapy is a completely holistic, non-invasive light colour therapy that employs LEDs to provide a skin rejuvenation treatment that removes toxins in the body, promotes blood flow and healing, decreases pain and stiffness, improves skin tone and leaves you feeling refreshed and energised​.

LEDs lights are used which do not contain harmful UVA or UVB rays, or infrared radiation and therefore the treatment is completely safe and will not generate heat within the skin tissues. 

Each cell in the body has mitochondria, which contain energy required for cellular functioning. Mitochondria use oxygen to produce energy in the form of Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP).

Using LED Chromatherapy the ATP energy in each cell is increased, which improves the cell's ability to absorb nutrients from the body. The skin then acts accordingly in the presence of the coloured light.

Light is applied at the appropriate 

wavelength and frequency to stimulate intercellular communication resulting in cell rejuvenation. 

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Red Light Effects

  • rejuvenating

  • energising

  • increases blood flow

  • increases cellular rejuvenation

  • increased skin cell renewal 

  • activates and improves the function of the immune system

  • decreases inflammation

  • aids in the breakdown of cellulite

  • increases sebum production

  • facilitates fast changes 

  • psoriasis treatment

Blue Light Effects

  • relives inflammation  

  • reduces swelling

  • antibacterial, antiseptic and germicidal

  • reduces heat in skin tissue

  • calms acne 

  • alleviates tension

  • reduces sebum production

  • jaundice treatment in babies

  • anti-spasmodic

  • eases insomnia

  • improves lymphatic drainage

  • eases headaches

Chromatherapy is offered as a facial and body treatment but is most commonly used in combination with a myriad of other treatments including radio-frequency and a non-surgical face lift. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. In regard to pricing please click here

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