Galvanic Facial Treatment 

Galvanic is an electrical service which applies therapeutic substances into the skin to create specific effects upon the surface and underlying tissues. 

Galvanic skin treatments are used to tone muscles, promote blood circulation, increase cell metabolism and activate enzymes. This treatment helps healing after surgical and non-surgical procedures and improves the quality and firmness of skin. The combination of the physiological effects and of the penetration of active therapeutic ingredients produces an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin. Galvanic facial treatments are defined as two types of therapies, Desincrustation and Iontophoresis.  

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What is Desincrustation? 

What is Iontophoresis ?

Desincrustation is a Galvanic treatment which involves deep cleansing of the skin, suitable for people with congested, combination or oily skin type.

In this service dead skin cells and fatty acids of sebum are softened.

This has a cleansing action upon the skin's surface. 

Iontophoresis is another form of Galvanic treatment, this involves the introduction of effective ingredients into the skin, depending on its type or condition.

Preparations are introduced into the skin to assist in rehydration and increase cellar metabolism in the area. The cells are nourished by improved circulation and the skin benefits from the therapeutic effects of the substances which have been introduced. 

What are the general effects of Galvanic treatments? 

  • improved blood circulation

  • improved skin texture through the removal of dead surface skin cells and sebum

  • increased lymphatic circulation

  • reduction of swelling and puffiness by improving the dispersal of accumulated tissue fluids and waste products from the area

  • improved function and appearance of the skin

What are the chemical effects of a Galvanic treatment ?

The chemical effects of the substances produced beneath the electrodes during a galvanic treatment are used to improve the general functioning of the skin. The irritant effect of the chemical formation at the cathode stimulates the blood flow, thus causing the deeper blood vessels to dilate as a reflex action. The astringent effect of the acid chemical formation reduces redness of the skin and firms the tissues. 

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